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Mel’s Diner in Fremont is not a very big place but it has big history. Starting in the summer of 2011, Craig Corn bought a chunk of ground out next to Sapp Bros. and began an adventure only he would take on. He poured a concrete foundation and then went to Omaha to shop. He bought the Hollywood Diner located at 156th and Dodge. Along with 5 guys he enlisted from Ormand Beach, Florida – specialists in moving and then reassembling restaurant buildings – and some heavy equipment operators, they trucked it off to Fremont that morning. According to the Fremont Tribune, the building was in a number of pieces, the three largest sections weighing 55,000 to 68,000 pounds, but only took hours to put back together on the concrete base. Then the interior was built, counters built, tiles laid, chrome and stainless steel installed, booths and appliances, freezer, refrigerators, stoves, dish washing area… all the countless things it takes to operate an eatery.

A gargantuan piece of work that was accomplished in a little over two months from start to opening day, when the guys lined up at the counter to sip coffee and discuss the remarkable event that had been observed daily as it unfolded before them right here in Fremont, Nebraska. After opening October 4, 2011, Mel’s was open 24 hours a day but the wise folks of Fremont saw no use in sitting up all night eating, so it was pared down to opening at 5:30am and closing by midnight, and now like we all do, the restaurant has aged and is ready for sleeping by 10pm.

Craig was wise and hired an old friend and co-worker by the name of Jim Coover as the District Manager for the 3 restaurants he created… Nifty Fifties, Mac’s Café, and Mel’s The Diner… Jim centered his work at Mel’s Diner. Mel’s Continues to do well with cooked up, record breaking numbers of plates overflowing with delicious food. This January, Jim took over ownership of Mel’s and with the help of his long time staff, is prepared to give you a great dining experience every time you visit… So we hope to see you soon… And often!

Jim Coover

Jim Coover

Mel’s Diner

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